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How do you use video to boost your marketing?

Video testimonials are great if you can get willing patients to engage, if you are trying to attract a new audience have you considered having questions and answers on your website?

Using written text for this can be useful, however having the dentist answer the questions allows potential patients to see and virtually meet the clinician. I can hear the groans, I hear your excuses, yes this will be uncomfortable but you can become the expert in your town. This is about rapport building and the patient vision of you treating them. Each video need only be 60-90 seconds, make it professional it is your shop window, each one will address possible concerns.

If you position yourself as an expert patients can see why they are paying more for your services, experts get paid the most, whatever their field.

Just think Singing Dentist (I am not expecting you to sing) he started with no audience, has been on local radio and national TV and was a celebrity at this year’s BDIA. The Singing Dentist has hundreds who want to be his patient. He now funs a Toothsday Q&A session with Facebook live…. You can do this too…. But it takes passion and dedication.


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