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Times they are changing!

As a patient who has only ever had CEREC restorations, I am fearful of an impression, the fear I would gag, that I wouldn’t be able to breathe or swallow is real for me. Digital impressions are here to stay, no one that I ask disagrees, some just don’t think it is for them. But why? Investing in digital impressioning keeps you in the forefront of technology. Why wouldn’t your patients value your investment?

Picture 1. The actual crown sellotaped next to the CEREC screen image of the crown.

Investing now is the right time, CEREC has been on the market for 30 years…. What model of phone do you have? Did you wait for the iPhone 6 or did you have the original one? Did you wait for the iPad Air 2 or buy the original?

Your patients could be benefiting from same day inlays, onlays or crowns now. During Fridays lecture Morten Worsoe stated 20 restoration and you’ve got it! I was a “model” the dentist scanning got the technique within 15 minutes. The cash cow for CEREC is the single crowns or in/onlays. The fancy stuff can come later if you want it, or you continue to use your lab for this, why not use CEREC connect to send digital impressions?


Picture 2. Your patients will never fail to be impressed with watching their restoration being milled.

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