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Henry Schein Business Solutions - Learn, Consult, Grow

The aim of this programme is "to positively impact the profitability of your business by offering you a range of products and services that will either increase your revenue or reduce your costs"

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Practice Analysis Report

By using a few pieces of information from your practice management software, we are able to show you how your business is performing against your desired standard of care and offer solutions that can make a tangible impact on your business revenue. Of course, all the results are confidential.



Henry Schein Education:       Complete CPD Handbook

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Business advice

Passionate about what I do, my aim is to work as a trusted advisor to practices and offer the advice and training needed to achieve their goals.

My personal mission statement is "My aim is to work with my customers to integrate best practice solutions to optimise the performance of their dental practices"

As a business you have fixed and variable costs. Your fixed costs remain the same whether you are busy or not. Staff salaries are around 30% of your costs, lab fees around 7%, dental supplies around 6%, rent/ mortage around 5% and general supplies are around 2%. Do you, like many, task your most expensive cost to try and save on the other costs?

Would you be happy to save 10% of your dental supply costs or would you prefer a 5% uplift in turnover? I work with practices that see the bigger picture to drive the team to utilise their time and skills to achieve an uplift in turnover rather than a saving in costs. If this appeals to you, then please contact me.

With a sound understanding of the clinical side of dentistry as well as the business of dentistry, I enjoy working as a trusted advisor to my Henry Schein clients and offer advice in the following areas:

  • Use of Social Media for dental practices
  • Chairtime utilisation and maximising recalls
  • Marketing your practice
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - giving something back
  • Integrating new technologies
  • Marketing to your patients


If you would like any further information about how I can help you optimise the performance of your practice, please call me on 07971 128083 or send me an email via my online contact form >>

Telephone Marie on 07971 128083
Email: Marie.Brown@HenrySchein.co.uk

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