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What do I do all day?

I am unsure what dental practice teams think that I do, so I thought I would share a typical week with you (the garage visit isn't typical (thankfully))


8am arrived at garage. Brake pads changed, car washed and returned by 10.30am which gave me time to code a customer’s product list from a competitor to Henry Schein codes (making their move much easier).  I answered 4 phone calls and I managed to update a couple of Preferred Product Formularies (PPF) these are the bespoke pricing lists created for customers of Henry Schein.

I then headed to Peterborough to meet Martin Fallows my Thrive consultant from SOE, we had a lovely lunch at Fratellis to discuss the meeting we had ahead. Thrive is a business consultancy programme that is designed to help you look inside your business to see how efficient it is and then delivers changes and advice that can have a dramatic impact on your business profitability. Martin covered with the principle the utilisation and recall statistics; we also discussed Google places and maximising this free resource.

I then headed to my 5pm meeting with new owners who have great plans to develop the practice they have purchased, I discussed Business IQ http://www.hsbusinessiq.co.uk/and business savings available. They wanted to create a patient lounge TV experience for their patients so I referred them to Jem at JSP media group who can create great programme for you patient lounge http://www.patientloungetv.com/

I arrived home at 6.30pm having also answered or made 18 phone calls and dealt with 31 emails.


930 met my GC representative in Aylesbury. We had calls scheduled in Wendover and Aylesbury. We had a lovely lunch in the Bottle & Glass, Gibralter when we had an opportunity to discuss the benefits of Equia Forte http://www.gceurope.com/products/detail.php?id=183 .  Equia forte is a new glass hybrid technology which improves its properties and fluoride release. it is non sticky and packable with hardly any shrinkage stress, it is finished with Equia coat. 

We also had a meeting with a CEREC user, I loved the Brian image on his unit….. what image would you put on your CEREC screen?

I arrived home by 6pm having also answered or made 10 phone calls and dealt with 45 emails.



9am met Frankie my Equipment Specialist in Oxford to confirm the details for a DAC order, I then headed to meet Rachael my SDI representative, we first had a coffee to discuss SDIs new products and decided the days focus should be Riva Star. We called into practices in Didcot and Wantage, several customers took advantage of the free Riva LC capsules free with Riva Star having been impressed by the desensitising properties of the product. Two capsules, the silver capsule contains silver fluoride and the lime one potassium iodide (this stops the silver staining).  This YouTube link is Geoff Knight explaining one of the uses for the product https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_KEOiMTzxk.

We then headed to the Oxford BDA meeting, we had 28 delegates coming to hear Serpil Djamal talking about dealing with trauma to teeth. I also saw these great new bags available for Pola whitening

I arrived home at 930pm, luckily having had only 2 phone calls to deal with but still had 36 email conversations.


I met Rachael again at 9am and we made a few practice calls in Buckingham, Winslow and villages. I left Rachael at 12 to head to my appointment at 1pm. This meeting was around the owners business plans for the future growth of their practice. They have a new website under development and I covered Google Places to ensure they maximise opportunities to gain new patients. We also discussed future purchases they need to make as they grow.

I arrived at my friends’ charity evening at 6pm I had only had 26 emails and 5 phone calls… phew!!



I spent some time catching up with some admin tasks and I placed some customer orders, I then left for Oxford to meet Matt Pannell my SOE business manager to talk to a practice who wanted to move from paper to computers for appointments.  Matt covered the basics of the Exact system and how it would integrate into their business. They acknowledged their biggest challenge was managing recalls. Exact does this brilliantly.We also discussed their lack of website and Google places page. They plan to grow the business and that’s my speciality!

I got home at 4pm, finished my expenses and sat down to relax with a glass of wine!

Every day is very different, this is one of the reasons I love my role, I love getting involved with businesses that want to develop and grow its so much more interesting than focusing on 2p off cotton wool rolls…. You cannot save your way to prosperity.

Til next time



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