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Well Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to my first ever blog... and my new website - I really hope you find it interesting and the content useful! Yes it is true, I am new to blogging, but my aim is to bring you a new blog every fortnight, and in the process, also introduce you to some of the Specialists we have at Henry Schein Dental.

Have you had a look around my website? It is a first in the dental industry, a “dental rep” with their own website, I know dental surgeries that haven’t got websites yet… but that’s me innovative and a leader. I love dentistry and my role at Henry Schein Dental, I am more than a “dental rep” I do my customers and potential customers a disservice if I focus on 2p off a box of cotton wool rolls. Work with me if you want to integrate best practice solutions and optimise your dental practice.

I am a valuable resource for your business offering advice and training to help you achieve your goals. I am constantly seeking to develop my skills and attend ISMM events and have an NLP practitioner course booked in a years’ time.

  • Is your team aligned?
  • Do they know what you stand for?
  • Do you know what you stand for?

Never be offended by my questions or challenges the better I understand what make you tick the more tailored what I can offer is.

If you haven’t had a look around my website please take a moment, its an overview of what I can do if required.

Until my next blog…. be the best you can be, I certainly will be!


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